Tenuta Moreno is just a few kilometers from the town of Mesagne, a Salento town located along the Via Appia. The street, in ancient age, connected Rome to one of the most famous ports in the Mediterranean along the Adriatic coast, Brindisi, that still today continues to be for Italy the best port for the relations with Greece. Mesagne is an important Messapic center. A city with a strategic position halfway along the road connecting the Borgo d'Oria with the port of Brindisi.

Among its streets you can still discover the remains of ancient civilizations, witnessed by the presence of necropolis. You should visit the Castle and the city walls, the municipal theatre, the municipal clock and the underground oil mill. The Archaeological Museum Ugo Granafei, located inside the castle, is rich in archaeological finds with tombs, amphorae and various vases, tools, engravings and paintings, jewels and other objects belonging to the messapic people and other ancient civilizations, including an important Roman mosaic from the thermal baths located in the Masseria Malvindi.